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The Golden Crown company is importing the most delicious and high-quality food from all over the world: from Italy, Armenia, Georgia, Lithuania, Russia and Turkey.
How do we know which products are going to become popular on Israeli market? We are simply establishing the direct dialogue with the consumers, we are learning about their expectations, needs and preferences. We are collecting all the feedback and we trying to anticipate wishes of our target groups – so we can pick the new products that will inevitably become hits.
Today we work with such well-known Israeli retailers as “Keshet Teamim”, “Maadanei Mania”, “Karl Berg”, “Eliseevsky”, “Tiv Tam”, “Shefa Teamim”, “Mix Market” and other. We supply our imported products directly to over 1000 shops in Israel and you can see how quickly they are grabbed by consumers from shelves.

Our brands

We work with the best suppliers in the food and alcohol products market to provide quality products.

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Brand YAN

YAN brand products are becoming more and more popular all over the world. People love YAN’s jams and pickles, drinks and no additional sugar juices. Today YAN’s products can be purchased in the USA, Canada, the Great Britain, Italy, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

In Armenia, where the brand YAN was founded in 2004 by the Armenian company SIS Natural, today it is the No. 1 brand.

Maybe the popularity of these juices, jams and salads comes from the great taste of natural Armenian vegetables and fruits, or maybe it is also about the proper technologies and recipes. Anyway, we adore this brand for many things: for beautiful, appealing and well-thought-out packaging, for the high quality of the products, but most of all – for their mission of making popular products as healthy as possible. And this is the idea we want to share.

Where to purchase the products

  • Supermarkets Tiv Taam
  • Supermarkets Karl Berg
  • Supermarkets Eliseev
  • Supermarkets Keshet Taamim
  • Supermarkets Gourmet Market
  • Gastronomy Mania
  • Gastronomy Kashtan
  • Gastronomy Kulinarik
  • Gastronomy Mix Market
  • Gastronomy Shefa Taamim
  • Gastronomy Boom
  • Gastronomy Mama
  • Gastronomy Tasa
  • Gastronomy Hermitage
  • Gastronomy Super Shuk

Our news

Maestro Massimo desserts

Taste Maestro Massimo pastries! Soft croissants, biscuits and mini-cakes with fillings. Produced with imagination in Italian tradition, Maestro Massimo desserts are the best Italian desserts ever gathered in one collection. The soft stuffed donuts Ciambella are especially good – they deliver that unique taste that is simply impossible not to fall in love with!

Georgian wines Qvevri

The most delicious Georgian wines are wines made in so called Qvevri technology – that are aged in clay jugs buried in the ground. Qvevri Nekresi Estate wine from the picturesque and ecologically clean region of Georgia can become a beautiful present for a dear person, and it can suit even the most elegant meal. No preservatives.

YAN soft drinks

For those who love tasty beverages, but at the same time look for a healthier option, we present YAN soft drink with natural fruit juices. Classic green apple, ripe cherry, splendid pomegranate, sunny mango, juicy orange or delicious multifruit – choose your favorite flavor and enjoy a refreshing drink without breaking your healthy habits.

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Our partners

We work with a wide range of customers from large and well-known chains to local delicacies all over the country.


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